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Identifying and maximising the value of every development opportunity.

Unlocking the potential of development sites and bringing land to market with planning consent is a long and complex process. Whether you are a landowner considering a site’s potential or a developer, we provide you with local and sector specific expertise, guiding you through the planning process to unlock the potential value of these assets.

Our close working relationships with the farming community, local authorities and residential and commercial developers mean that we offer you extensive in-depth knowledge of both the marketplace and the concerns and priorities of all parties involved in the process.

Experienced development expertise…

We can help you:

  • Obtain planning permission: Our expert advice includes expertise in negotiating Section 106 Agreements with Planning Authorities.
  • Understand both the potential value and difficulties of any development site: We can help you steer an appropriate path through the planning process and successfully match buyers with sellers.
  • Access our extensive development database: Offering daily contact with developers and their requirements.
  • Access suitable buyers: We match sites to individual developers and maximise the best offer.
  • Explore mixed-use sites: Residential development as a part of mixed-use city centre sites is becoming increasingly important. We provide advice to landowners, local authorities and developers on matters ranging from viability studies to the management of completed schemes.
  • Clear and concise appraisals and valuations: We can help you understand the viability of any potential development

Put off by the costs of bringing your land to market? Don’t be!

You may have been put off exploring the development potential of your land by high costs. However, at Bruton Knowles, we are dedicated to helping you find cost-effective ways of bringing land to market. For example, we can help you enter into Option Agreements with developers, who then bear the cost of the planning process (including fees) themselves, in return for an option to buy the land should appropriate planning permission be secured.

To discuss your development needs further contact Scott Winnard, Partner on 0845 200 6489 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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