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Photo: New Stone line rail bridge (right) and road bridge (left) crossing the existing Stafford-Crewe line

The work follows the grant of a Development Consent Order from the Secretary of State in March 2014 and requires the diversion of major utilities, a road, a river and a footpath, and the construction of 5km of temporary roads.

The scheme is being constructed by the Staffordshire Alliance made up of Network Rail, Lain O’Rourke, Volkerail and Atkins.

Bruton Knowles has been retained by Network Rail to assist with the land rights and compensation following assistance with the DCO application.

We have also advised both National Grid and the BPA on the property issues in relation to their pipe diversion works which has resulted in collaborative working with a number of different entities including those making up the Staffordshire Alliance.

Norton Bridge Junction is the point at which the West Coast Main Line divides towards Stone / Manchester and Liverpool / Glasgow.

Trains travelling towards Stone are required to slow down and cross two other railway lines, forcing traffic from London to Liverpool or Glasgow to slow down or stop. This restricts capacity and causes delays along the route.

A new section of track will take Stone and Manchester bound traffic over, rather than across, the West Coast Main Line.

Track-laying work began in the cutting  at the end of September 2015.

The works
The Norton Bridge project sees the construction of a new railway flyover, removing a key bottleneck at Norton Bridge Junction and segregating intercity, commuter and freight traffic. Main works started in Spring 2014 and include:

  • A new flyover, removing a key bottleneck at Norton Bridge Junction and separating intercity, commuter and freight traffic
  • 11 new bridges
  • A major realignment of the B5026 highway
  • Road, river and footpath diversions
  • The diversion of two high pressure gas pipelines by National Grid and the Diversion of an Oil pipeline by the British Pipeline Agency
  • Major environmental mitigation works to protect flora and fauna including great crested newts, barn owls and otters

The main works are scheduled to be completed by Easter 2016 and include construction of the main bridges and excavation of a cutting (14-metres at its deepest) for the new lines. Around one million tonnes of earth is being moved within the site and used to create embankments elsewhere in the works.

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