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A new bill due to come in this Autumn means landlords could be breaking the law talking to tenants in their own property.

Caroline Jones from Bruton Knowles Cardiff office said landlords are up in arms over the new Rent Smart Wales Scheme - being introduced by the Welsh Government in a bid to improve letting and management standards across the sector.

Under the new scheme private landlords who manage properties directly will have to obtain a new type of licence or use a managing agent.

But the scheme is not going down well in the city’s traditional rental hotspots such as Cathays and Splott.

Caroline Jones, associate at Bruton Knowles’ Cardiff office, said landlords they had spoken to had claimed the new requirements would make everyday supervision of their properties unnecessarily difficult.

Caroline said: “We were expecting landlords to be put out by the sheer inconvenience of having to undertake approved training and ensuring regular compliance checks are met.

“But they are more concerned at the restrictions the scheme imposes on their business, saying it will make everyday contact with tenants unnecessarily difficult as only the licensee or their agent will be allowed to make contact.”

Landlady and licensee Angela Landry from Cathays said: “I am an Accredited Landlord with an HMO which myself and my husband manage. So what happens if I am taken ill or on holiday? Under this new scheme my husband – who is joint-landlord and pays the taxes – will be breaking the law if he speaks to any of OUR tenants that are living in OUR house!
“That’s clearly ridiculous and I am amazed this bill has got this far.”

Angela, who has properties in Cathays and Splott, attended the Guild of Residential Landlords meeting in Cardiff this week to raise her concerns and has written to Rent Smart Wales to try and obtain further clarification of the ruling.

She went on: “If there was an emergency my husband would have to find an agent at short notice to liaise with the tenants – we have managed without one for the nine years and I don’t see why we should have to go to the trouble or expense now.”

And she added: “These costs will inevitably be passed on to  the tenants – the very people the Rent Smart Wales scheme is trying to protect! 

“I cannot understand why our Landlord Associations have not strongly objected to elements of the new bill.  I was aghast it had gone this far as I could certainly do without the hassle.”

Caroline Jones, who has been trying to raise awareness of the Rent Smart Wales scheme for landlords across the city, said: “Landlords are beginning to realise the full implications of the scheme, which looks likely to put off people with savings from investing in the buy-to-let sector in Wales.”

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