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Villagers in new home hotspots such as Saltford and Banwell who have campaigned for a by-pass for years will need to embrace more development if they are to realise their dreams.

That’s according to Bruton Knowles’ commercial property veteran Paul Matthews, who said the long-suffering residents in these locations are facing a genuine dilemma.

“It is a sad fact that in these days of limited government funding, the development of surrounding land is the only way that the by-pass earmarked for villages such as Saltford or Banwell will be funded.

“Unless a developer is on hand to pay for the infrastructure the schemes are unlikely to get off the drawing board.”

He said the nearby South Bristol Link Road demonstrated how development could be made to work.

“The new link has created the infrastructure which could enable development of The Vale, Taylor Wimpey’s plan for 4,500 new homes on the southern outskirts of Bristol between the A370 and A38.”

Paul said: “Banwell is now the focus of a proposed garden village with 5,600 new homes, but it will need this sort of development to fund the by-pass the long suffering residents crave.

“Having this new garden village on their doorstep is the price they will have to pay for the by-pass that will allow the heart of Banwell to return to its historic, peaceful self.”

He said concentrations of new housing earmarked for the Saltford, Keynsham and Whitchurch area could provide the impetus for a new by-pass there.

“To be blunt, places like Banwell and Saltford will either have to put up with what they have got or open their arms to the major housing developments which will pay for their by-pass.”

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