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Gloucestershire is one of three locations around the country delivering the highest number of new home starts.

Latest figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government show that Gloucestershire, South Derbyshire and South Norfolk are providing a significant percentage of the 164,960 new home starts across the UK – up 13 per cent on last year.

The number of new homes completed between January to June rose to 153,000, UP 11 per cent on last year.

And with new home schemes being brought forward across the county from Thornbury to Winchcombe to Charlton Kings, property specialists Bruton Knowles believe the trend is showing few signs of flagging.

Town planner Paul Barton said: “Measures to speed up new home delivery - by encouraging modern methods and the diversification of who builds new homes has been a central plank of the government's legislative programme.

“The Government is bringing forward measures to ensure more homes are built and that the housing market works for all parts of our community.”

Paul Barton said Gloucestershire LPAs had worked hard to get to this point, steering housing supply numbers to relatively good level.

“They have significant resources and effort in trying to update development plans, and in turn, boost housing.”

“However councils should continue to boost housing and not see the Five Year Housing Land Supply as a target, but instead should continue to build an appropriate buffer to ensure housing supply does not slip again.

“LPAs are also having to grapple with inconsistent appeal decisions but it seems that inspectors are, in the main, placing less weight on a Council’s Five Year Housing Land supply if the development plans pre date the National Planning Policy Framework as many in Gloucestershire do.

Paul Barton concluded: “Appeal decisions suggest there may still be the opportunity for landowners to bring forward suitable sustainable sites in advance of the emerging development plans, even where there is a health supply of housing, let alone a questionable supply, to enable Gloucestershire to continue towards the top of the new starts list.”

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