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Reports that MPs are set to investigate whether the spread of electric vehicles (EVs) could crash Britain’s electricity grid proves why both the Swansea and Cardiff lagoons should get the green light.

That’s the view of commercial property and land experts at the Cardiff office of Bruton Knowles who, having already said the country needs to start putting in place now infrastructure to cope with the rise in EVs, believe this latest investigation means the proposed lagoons are a no brainer.

The call to give the exciting renewable energy projects the go ahead follows news that the Business Energy and Industry Strategy committee said it will be examining the challenges that EVs pose to infrastructure and what action will be needed to support the industry’s growth.

Nick Worman of Bruton Knowles, who has already stated that the Welsh Government, property owners and developers need to be thinking about the implications right now, says this latest investigation should accelerate the decision to start constructing the lagoons.

According to the committee the mass take-up of EVs could overload the power network, forcing the network’s owners to invest large sums to reinforce it.

The committee also said the arrival of EVs on the mass market creates a substantial challenge for the electricity grid which must balance the additional energy demand created by EVs whilst providing secure and reliable electricity supplies for the country.

Commenting on this latest report Nick said: “2040 will herald the ban on the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles across the UK.

“With Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover also announcing that all they will cease producing internal combustion engines brings into focus the change in the way people across Wales (and the UK) will get about.

“I’m sure the other main car manufacturers will come out with similar statements soon so the rise in the number of EVs hitting the roads will only accelerate further.

“News therefore that the Business Energy and Industry Strategy committee is looking into how all these new vehicles will be powered is clear evidence that we need to give the lagoon projects the go ahead now.

“All these electric cars will need charging hubs and large volumes of power supply, which won’t be available from current infrastructure.

“There will therefore be a need for additional power and a burden on the national grid so renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and tidal will have to supplement current power generation.

“That is why proposals for the Swansea Tidal Lagoon, which has a design capacity of 320 megawatts, need the green light now.

“The switch to alternative energy sources would impact on utilities, infrastructure, land acquisition and development as well as the need to install charge points in homes, offices and public spaces such as car parks.

“And although 2040 might seem like a long time away, from a major infrastructure point of view, it’s just around the corner.

“Doing nothing now will quite literally place the UK and Wales in the dark!”













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