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With the best part of 5,000 new homes earmarked for the A37-A4 triangle a major overhaul of the road network is not an option – it’s an absolute necessity.

That’s according to Bruton Knowles’ Head of Agency Paul Williams, who said the West of England Combined Authority’s vision for more than a hundred thousand new homes across the region would not stand the slightest chance of working without significant improvements to the infrastructure.

“In South Bristol that means linking the A37 up with the A4174 Avon Ring Road – providing the missing link which commuters negotiating the southern half of the city have been crying out for.”

He went on: “The West of England Combined Authority has focused its attention on the Hicks Gate roundabout, which it correctly identifies as a notorious chokepoint at peak times.

“But a significant reason for the holdups is the half mile or so of trunk road between the end of the Ring Road and the beginning of the South Bristol Link Road.

“There are serious holdups on this section seven days a week. We have to provide a smoother link for people travelling on the Ring Road and A4 from Bath trying to make their way to and around the southern side of Bristol.”

Paul Williams said the new South Bristol Link Road had helped traffic flows for people heading from Whitchurch toward the main A370 Weston Road.

“But when you factor in the additional car journeys generated by the new homes proposed at Whitchurch, North Keynsham and at Hicks Gate in Brislington, it’s clear the road network will be gridlocked before people can get anywhere near it.

“It’s no good the cycling lobby telling us we need to get on our bikes – people are travelling from further and further away and bikes, while ideal for people living within sight of the city centre, are simply not an option for all."

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