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Angus Taylor, Partner at Bruton Knowes said “Excellent news that the Chancellor is to promote the work of SME Housebuilders with £44bn of planned incentives and funding.

“He has also promised planning reforms to tackle the gap between the number of homes being given planning consent and the number homes actually built.

“He also promised to use planning reform to make better use of our urban footprint, to unlock strategic land and to protect the green belt.

“This urgent review will publish an interim report next spring.

“He also mentioned five new garden towns and further input from the National Infrastructure Committee

However his final parting shot will have the most welcome boost to smaller housebuilders.

The removal of Stamp Duty for first time buyers up to £300k and the ability to also use this on purchases up to £500k.

“All of these measures are welcome news for the housing sector and we will have to wait and see if these get us anywhere near the 300,000 homes per year target.

“This will require some significant gearing up in the materials and available labour supply chains, just at a time when the industry is struggling with import costs for materials and a European workforce soon to be heading for home.”

Paul Barton, a town planner at Bruton Knowles Gloucester, said: “While we weren’t expecting a ‘single magic bullet’ we would applaud the Chancellor’s   announcement of a range of measures to boost housing – from trying to get unimplemented consents implemented to proposing more ways to promote affordable dwellings.”

“The announcement that the UK housing target is to be lifted to 300,000 would naturally be welcome. This is a significant improvement on the previous target of 200,000 - a number which is generally considered to be the absolute minimum figure if we are to make a dent in the housing waiting lists any time soon.

“In addition to increased investment he has outlined new powers to tighten up planning rules to offset housebuilders’ land banking and ensure construction firms make a start on sites which have already been given planning permission.” 








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