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Photo:Neil Young, HR DIrector with Property Assistant, James Williamson

School leavers, college students and people looking for a change of career are being targeted by Bruton Knowles as part of a new campaign to recruit more surveyors.

Bruto Knowleshas worked with the Chartered Surveying Training Trust and the University College of Estates Management to introduce a Chartered Surveying Level 6 (Degree) Apprenticeship Programme.

James Williamson from Worcestershire joined the Gloucester Office in October as a Property Assistant and is already working towards his qualification through the Commercial Property Practice Pathway.

Bruton Knowles HR Director Neil Young said: “Apprenticeship schemes have changed out of all recognition over the past few years and we are looking at this as a way of connecting with the community by recruiting people looking for a new career direction.

“Not only do they hit the ground running but they are also working towards their degree with the added benefit that full funding is available through the Apprenticeship Levy.” 

Neil Young said apprentices would work towards the RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) leading to MRICS status.

“I would be interested to hear from people interested in looking at surveying as a career as we have funding available for a further student. By investing in these programmes we can introduce employees to the profession, provide a gateway to qualification and support long term career development.”

The apprenticeship scheme will work alongside Bruton Knowles’ tried and tested graduate recruitment programme – which has attracted a significant number of graduate surveyors in the last 18 months.

“Those people who have not thought about surveying can now consider it as a career option.”

For further information on the Bruton Knowles apprenticeship scheme should contact Neil Young on 01452 880000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as there are a number of pathways tailored to particular skills.










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