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Our focus is to reduce your business rates bill to the absolute minimum.

Rating appeals
The rating team operates under the appropriate RICS Guidance and we follow the Rating Consultancy Code of Practice. The team has an impressive success rate in achieving rates reductions using our negotiation skills and through the selection of hereditaments we actually appeal. Unlike some firms we do not blanket appeal a portfolio as this may increase liability as opposed to mitigating it.

With the new Rating 2017 list find out more about the Check, Challenge, Appeal process by reading our step by set guide to registering for the VOA’s online service

Rates relief and management
Mitigating your rates liability is as much about utilising the legislation on temporary relief and the reconfiguration of existing assessments as it is about actually achieving a reduction in rateable value. This requires proactive management of your current and future space requirements in order to maximise monetary benefits.

How we can help you:

  • Bill checking
  • Advise on reconfigurations
  • Submission of appeals at MCCs
  • S.44A applications
  • Refund recovery

Rates audit

We provide a rates audit service whereby we review all your payments to local authorities for business rates and reconcile this with any refunds/overpayments that may lie on current or historic accounts for you. Demand for this service is increasing as more clients realise the importance in receiving a full rates audit.



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